Services for Your Plan

Services for Your PlanServices for Your Plan

Prompt, Proactive, Professional

Prompt, Proactive, Professional.

Dedicated support from certified 401k experts

With Passport401k you receive support from a certified 401k service representative. Speak to a live person with the expertise to help when you need it most.1

Hands-On, Expert Service
Experienced Client Service Team
Participant Support (Toll-Free and Chat)
Proactive Plan Fiduciaries
Your Financial Consultant
1JULY CSMs have attained or are attaining their Qualified 401(k) Administrator certification, or higher level, from the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries.

We Do It for You1

JULY serves as the Pooled Plan Provider (PPP) and 3(16) fiduciary for Passport401k. With 3(16) fiduciary services you receive comprehensive plan management to reduce your workload and minimize liability. Our expert team does the work and keeps you informed.

1Passport401k requires the use of one of our integrated payroll partners. Alternatively, the employer can provide us with a comprehensive payroll file each pay period. 2The employer signs the initial Joinder Agreement to adopt the JULY Pooled Employer Plan. JULY adopts and signs all plan documents and amendments. 3Service includes selection and monitoring of IRA rollover provider and 3(38) investment fiduciary. 4Service includes providing the plan sponsor initial enrollment materials and notices. Ongoing electronic material and notice delivery to the plan sponsor for distribution is also included.
Your Financial Consultant

Your Financial Consultant

Enrollment, education and your plan’s quarterback

Your local Financial Consultant plays an essential role in maximizing the value of your plan. They help enroll and educate participants, review investment reports, and provide overall plan support.


Your Financial Consultant will help with initial and ongoing enrollment of employees and will tailor services and meetings to the needs of your workforce.


Your Financial Consultant will educate your employees about the importance of savings, the benefits of the 401k plan, and help create strategies for success.


Your Financial Consultant serves as the plan’s quarterback, participating in plan reviews, monitoring employees’ retirement readiness, and recommending changes along the way.

Services for Your Employees

Passport401k includes the services, support, and technology your participants need to create effective savings plans and manage their accounts.


JULY provides toll-free and chat support for employee questions about plan features, technology, and taking disbursements or loans. Live support is available 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM, Central Time.


Participants receive quarterly statements that are automatically posted to the plan website showing their account balances, investment details, transaction summary, and rate of return for the quarter.

Account Access

Participant’s have 24-hour, on-demand access to the plan website to manage their account, print statements, make changes to their elections, request distributions or loans, or plan their savings needs.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with Passport401k. Below are the steps to set up your plan.



Setup Form JULY will assist with completing online setup forms and electronically signing agreements.


Kick-Off Call After completing the online setup form, a call will be held with JULY to coordinate remaining steps.


Enrollment JULY prepares materials and coordinates online enrollment with your advisor.


Training JULY trains the employer on the plan website.


Configure Payroll After participants make elections, JULY helps configure payroll to begin funding contributions.


Deposit Contributions JULY will coordinate the first payroll and ensure contributions are funded to the plan.


Go-Live JULY will provide participant instructions for web access.